Fire Poems

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This past Tuesday, students explored the theme of fire as both a force of destruction and creation. Check out some of the poems that resulted! In our opinion: it was lit.

Ghosts of My Fears by D.B.
Sometimes my violence overrides
my tears
located within the fire
the ghosts of my fears
the flames never growing tired
but I do
them gladly noticing
giving them permission to steer.

Fire by M.V.
The burning inside me
is what keeps me living
for without this anger and passion driving me,
where would I be?
It may be dangerous,
but it's also my brightness
keeping me from the dark,
from drowning.
My fire keeps me alive
burning every feeling
into me.

I Am

I am a prisoner waiting to escape.
I am a homeless man taking a vape.
I am a child crying in a crib.
I am a man that was stabbed in the rib.
I am the mother waiting for her child
Because he out late doing things that are wild.
I am that child staying out late,
Doing drugs with some girl named Kate.
I am the pilot preparing to crash
Hoping that his family can live off the cash.
I am the family mourning their loss
I am the wife just fired by her boss.
I am the criminal shooting up a school
When I was a kid I thought it was cool.
I am the teacher yelling take cover
I am the children crying with each other.

I am the first life, I am the first death.
I am everybody’s desperate last breath.

I'm a Man

I’m a man. I say those words with tears in my eyes
and I’m still feeling the pressure where leverage has been applied.
I’m great at giving up when effort is required. Man I try over and over until I tire.
I’m a man, when the lows in the valley seem even higher,
beating in my heart is weaker and my soul’s on fire.
I say man, I’ma be here till I expire, soul survivor. To the finish yo.
I have gotten myself turned around, am I chained to this shame, am I found now?
I chose to believe in the words of that woman
ain’t it something how you want it so you overlook
what’s obvious and strange is still the truth my ninja
to be misled by the fallacy when all’s fair in love and war.
Still waters running, I’m just trying to stay afloat.

For All The Times

For all the times I said good bye

I’m writing now to say hello

For all the times I made you cry

I’m writing now to say I know

For all the times you’ve prayed to god

And asked him how or why

Just let your heartache go

For all the times I said good bye

I’m writing now to say hello

Free Verse

Free Verse is sweet
It’s the writer’s treat
These lovely ladies
Got me writing like crazy
Thanks for the push
It’s better than the kush
I want to say thanks
For giving me a break
Writing wasn’t my thing
Until I got the Free Verse sting
I hope one day
I could help someone the same way
If it wasn’t for you
I’d probably be playing with my shoe

Where I'm From

Where I’m From

I’m from the drugs

And playing with the bugs

I’m from playing in the mountains

And always shouting

I’m from the ponderosa pines

Not the jungle vines

I’m from the meth lab

And the Ford crew cab

I’m from the big sky

And always getting high

I’m from the two story house

And wandering all around

I’m from the dark nights

Just sitting there trying to take flight

I’m from the bottle

Causing dad to go wide open throttle

I’m from the drug store snacks

To the long naps

I’m from the place

That has the meth project pace

I’m from the #1 suicidal state

With a million ranch gates


Because we won’t fall

    We get stronger

Because we don’t cry

    Don’t mean we don’t care

Because we wear a mask

    Doesn’t mean we don’t wanna be seen

Because we were young

    We need to be taught so we follow wrong or right


Because this is my land

Because my ancestors were here first

Because my ancestors fought to protect

Because our land was stolen

Because the earth is a living thing

Because the trees walk

Because the lakes speak

Because rocks have power

Because we are one nation

We Are

We are the kids who beg for mercy,

Yet we cause pain to others.

We are the kids who are rejected,

Yet we reject others.

We are the kids who don’t see things through,

Yet we fall to them.

We are the kids who are impatient,

Yet we are made to wait.

We are the people of the future,

Yet we dwell in the past.


We used to live in tranquil

But yet again were set on a disastrous path.

We used to see love as it once was,

But that drug is what makes us all become numb.

Dark Mornings

Dark mornings blue nights

There is some things you can’t make right

But you still fight

For a better life

Then that’s when

It takes you by the grasps

And tells you

We can’t leave this dark past

So why you fight

If you know that your love

Can’t grow to this better life

So stop trying to fight

Because you can’t win

Not even me

And I’m the wind


I’ve never met my biological dad

My life isn’t even my own fad,

I feel like a demon trapped in a human’s skin,

I wake up without knowing where I’ve been,

I keep hoping things will get better,

I hope you get this, it’s to the letter

Dear Self

I’ve seen you slipping, forever falling down

Never acting like yourself, mood swings going around

I’ve thought about stepping in and helping, but you don’t look open to it now

My voice is growing dimmer, soon you won’t even hear the sound

I hope you pull it together, working this program is the first step

I’d hate to see you forever stuck, drowning in the depth


There is good things

Ha, that’s not true

Nobody is trustworthy


Everyone’s against you

It’s false that

There are great people out there

I’m telling you

There is no hope for society


It’s a wrong belief that

There’s a group of true friends for everyone

Everyone is a backstabber

Don’t believe that

There is good, good things in everyday life


< -- >


There is good, good things in everyday life

Don’t believe that

Everyone is a backstabber

There’s a group of true friends for everyone

It’s a wrong belief that


There is no hope for society

I’m telling you

There are great people out there

It’s false that

Everyone’s against you


Nobody is trustworthy

Ha, that’s not true

There is good thing

Let's Pretend

This game we

Play is let’s pretend

And pretend we’re

Not pretending


Life is hard,

We all get that,

But that doesn’t

Mean we’ve hit

Rock bottom


Our past may

Let us down but

That doesn’t mean

We can’t reach

Back and grab it

And tear the bad

Memories to shreds


Your will is your power

Don’t pretend you don’t

Have it 

Or you won’t